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Heighten your Productivity at Work with Music

If you are looking for ways to improve your focus and motivation in the workplace, music might be the answer.

Music isn’t just a means of entertainment.

It has also proven to encourage creativity, help us become more productive and induce those ‘eureka moments’.

In this blog we explore a variety of music types that are best suited for productivity in the workplace.

Classical Music

Classical music is a popular type of music to listen to while working because its sounds are developed around piano, string or woodwind instrument composition.

Because classical music contains no lyrics, it makes the music easier to digest, focus and stimulate the mind.

Sounds of Nature

Music that combines an overlay of nature sounds (such as animal noises, weather, and running water) can be relaxing and cultivate a peaceful atmosphere.

White noise is a type of sound that has a flat spectral density, or a continuous frequency designed to block out external sounds.

It can be used to help you focus, concentrate or sleep.

Common sounds of white noise can include air-conditioning or fan sounds, airplane cabin noise, and waterfall sounds.

Video Game Music

As it turns out video games aren’t just for geeks.

In fact, some video game soundtracks can be quite motivational.

So where does this notion come from?

Well, video games require a lot of focus. Players need to have skills such as rapid-fire reactions, quick-thinking and intense concentration if they are to complete a game.

In one study, researchers explored gamers’ performance when playing “Twilight Princess (Legend of Zelda).”

Researchers found that performance was the weakest when playing without sound – the highest scores were earned when playing with music.

In other words, games could be a great source of productivity music to concentrate and work.

Lo-fi beats

Short for low fidelity, this type of music often specifically enhances imperfections in sound mixing that act as a sort of white noise.

Songs of this genre are typically notable for their steady beat and very rarely feature lyrics.

Lo-fi is created through a conscious implementation of elements including samples, beats, bass lines, mixing and effects.

Music to avoid

It is no secret that music is subjective to an individual’s taste and mood.

What music works for some, may be more of a distraction for others.

When it comes to avoiding certain music, the general guideline is to dial back on tunes that are going to challenge your brain.

For example, if your work involves processing thoughts and words, it might be worth steering clear of music with lyrics as they can give you mixed messages and distract you in the long run.

Highly complex structures of music can also jumble the brain and make it work overtime.

So perhaps your favourite death metal album with intricate guitar solos and double kick pedal might be best saved for after work hours.

Try our sound suggestions on for size and see what works for you.

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